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    What do you know about tea?

    What do you know about tea?

    What do you know about tea? Today I would like to talk about tea, the second most consumed beverage in the world, behind water. What are its benefits? What types of teas can we find? What plants can be obtained from?

    Well, green, black and white tea are obtained from the Camellia synesis plant. It is typical from the southern China and Southeast Asia, although it is found in many regions close to the tropics. Pu-erh red tea also comes from this plant, although it undergoes a special process of fermentation and only certain mature leaves of the plant are used.

    Rooibos tea, unlike the other teas, comes from the plant Aspalathus linearis, originally from South Africa.

    Broadly speaking, the difference between green, black and white tea is the oxidation process to which they are subjected. White tea is made from the youngest shoots of the plant and does not undergo any oxidation. Green tea and black tea come from the same leaves, with longer oxidation time for black tea. Oxidation occurs after crushing tea leaves to contact substances that will oxidize and form the typical flavors and aromas of each tea. Then it is allowed to dry until the water content is less than 3%.

    Do benefits depend on the type of tea? Yes, and also of the infusion time. Many antioxidant properties are attributed to green tea, which can help fight some problems such as cholesterol and other cardiovascular diseases as well as aging. Black tea is also rich in antioxidant compounds, although different from those from green tea. It must be taken into account that when drinking a tea, only a small percentage corresponds to dry matter, the rest is water, so the differences between one and the other are small.

    As for the infusion time, the longer we leave it in contact with the hot water, the more it extracts the beneficial substances, increasing its concentration. The content of theine is greater in black tea and decreases in green tea and white to rooibos (different plant) that does not contain theine.

    Tea is one of the most ancient forms of medicine and drinking it can be very relaxing and pleasant. In addition, teas are very hydrating and if are mixed with herbs rich in minerals and medicinal compounds, hot water extracts most of them very well. Teas also can be used in relaxing baths or even in the shower, spraying it to the body.

    "Tea is a complete act in its simplicity. When I drink tea, we're just the tea and me. The rest of the world dissolves. There are no worries about the future. There is no worry about past mistakes. The tea is simple: tea leaves, pure hot water. I inhale the smell, small and delicate pieces of tea float on the cup. I drink the tea, the essence of the leaves become part of me. " Thich Nhat Hanb.

    What is an Apothecary?

    What is an Apothecary?

    It is a place where researches are developed to study the effect of plants and other substances of natural origin on certain aspects of the body, always looking for its therapeutic properties and its application to the people welfare. It is a holistic concept that we want to get back in Handmade Beauty to make all our clients live the experience of 100% personalized treatments according to their state of mind and physical ailments.

    In our Apothecary we work the fundamental pillars of natural cosmetics:

    - Aromatherapy: based on the effects of essential oils and their aromas.

    - Phytotherapy: focuses on the properties of plants prepared in different ways.

    - Halotherapy: works with the influence of different salts on the balance of liquids and minerals in our body.

    - Geotherapy: uses clays and mud to treat and improve some skin problems.

    All these elements are mixed and carefully prepared by our therapists, who will always choose the essential oils, plants and salts that best suit the needs of each person. The preparations they make are very varied and can range from the synergies of essential oils to herbal tinctures or floral infusions.

    Each ritual will make you immerse yourself in an aromatic experience that will make you feel better inside and out, since the topical application of the preparations produces visible effects on the skin, besides helping to leave behind the stress of the day that also makes our skin look sometimes lacking in luminosity and dehydrated.

    Exfoliation with strawberry seeds, seaweed masks, massage with synergies of essential oils, manicures and pedicures with floral infusions ... What will be your ritual?

    We hope you like the new concept established in the Handmade Beauty centers and that you can try it soon! We will be happy to see you and show you our Apothecary a little more.

    The Essential Oils Word Clean Beauty Products

    The Essential Oils Word Clean Beauty Products

    In this post I am going to try to give you an approach to the great and exciting world of The Essential Oils . I have to start by saying what an essential oil is.  It is an extract obtained by distillation from specific parts of plants. They are composed of very small molecules that are very aromatic and can penetrate very easily into the skin. It is these compounds that make the plants to have characteristic aromas in their different parts (flowers, leaves, stems, etc). In addition, they are the compounds responsible of providing the therapeutic effects of plants.

     To apply them on the skin it is necessary to mix them with vegetable oils, which are those extracted by pressure (they have mainly fatty acids), exactly like the oils that we use in the kitchen. Some examples of vegetable oils that we can use are almond, jojoba, argan and coconut. It is necessary to mix the essential oils because they can irritate the skin and go to the bloodstream very easily if they are found very concentrated.

    Essential oils have been used for centuries to aromatize rooms, as aromatherapy and to treat skin and health issues such as respiratory or intestinal conditions. In HandMade Beauty we use them as  aromatherapy and in skin problems such as acne, hydration for dry skin or irritations, always respecting the contraindications that they may have and under the recommendations of naturopaths.

    I hope that this post has awakened your curiosity about essential oils. I also encourage you to try these effective natural cosmetics.

    Feed your Organic Spirit!

    Why is Handmade Beauty Cosmetics born?

    Why is Handmade Beauty Cosmetics  born?

    HandMade Beauty was born from my beliefs and way of seeing life overall, and it also was born from a need to attach beauty with a philosophy of life and health. Like any woman the concept of beauty has been in my life. Since childhood I've been interested in pampering myself and feeling good and beautiful. However, I realized that there was a great offer focused on a fast beauty, immediately, and at whatever cost, many times without paying attention on the quality of the ingredients, whether they were harmful to health and the environment or not, nor even if they were animal tested. For all these reasons, this type of beauty that was been promoted, did not coexist with my way of being nor thinking.

    For the need to change the way of seeing beauty, I thought about creating a space where all these values ​​in which I believe, could coexist. In this space I also wanted to share the beauty of the decoration, treatments and beauty products, my philosophy and healthy lifestyle, always being honest and consequently beautiful.

    Two years later, seeing that people enjoyed and understood the true value and essence of HandMade Beauty, I opened the second space. But my dream kept growing and I decided to complement it with my line of organic and natural products. Now I am focused on everything related to Toxic-Free nail polishes, natural exfoliants, body vegetable oils and organic nail treatments; but my desire to continue growing and creating new and innovative products for the body, does not end here.

    It is a really exciting project for me and one in which I deeply believe. Everything is done with a lot of love and honesty, and I would like to use HandMade Beauty to do my part for this world; not only to transmit these values, which are important to me, but to strengthen them. If we can improve our planet, our health, have respect for the environment and animals, enjoying and appreciating all the beauty of this world, we will achieve an authentic and real beauty. I hope you enjoy as much as I do and welcome to my world HandMade Beauty.